Conservation & Restoration

Art Conservation and Restoration Case Studies, Systems and Protocols

While we have been advised by other practitioners that it may not be appropriate to create, in the public domain, a manual of art conservation techniques, it will be as helpful to create a  compendium of a variety of case studies that address various types of problems and issues. At the same time, a handbook of systems and protocols for preventive and remedial  conservation, and restoration will faciltate in providing guidelines for reference of practising conservators-restorers, students, custodians of art collections, and policy makers. The compilations touch upon both contemporary as well as traditional and indigenous practices in India.

 This compilation is being prepared in the following manner:

Compilation of existing case studies - Various institutions and individuals are sharing the case studies of the work they have done. A number of conservation and restoration works are being implemented and being documented especially for this project. These case studies are being categorised according to their basic 'type', such as tempera paintings on paper, textiles, stone, terracotta, glass, ceramics, manuscripts, paintings on cloth, photographs etc. At a later stage, the best representative case studies will be selected by a team of advisors, and compiled with their commentaries on the content.

Compilation of Systems and Protocols - How to establish a basic art analysis section in a conservation centre; Health and safety for art conservators and other staff; Photography for conservation; Basic minimum standards for conservation practice, etc. These will again be discussed at a series of technical meetings to evaluate and further develop the subjects. 


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