Mi exnovia vero

I knelt and awaited commands.

"In front of me cucky", said the chief.

"Now, I'm leaving but you will benefit your wife from now on without query. I will visit constantly but I fill other java gonzo movies bitches who I pulverize and other cucks be elated you who are in service to me. I'll let Gemma know when I'm coming over and you will wait for me getting down on all fours inwards the front door".

"Yes chief".

"Let me be obvious about this dude, you will never inject your wife again. I attach a question to that my breezies withhold their beaver well-kept for me only and no other masculine is permitted into them. Yes, she is my breezy but you are her sub so that puts you a lengthy arrangement down the food chain cheating".

"Yes chief", but I was secretly thinking that as shortly as he's out of here I'm taking manage of my life and wife again, and I will mutter him to the police.

I should own known finer. "Now cucky, your wife has a introduce for you. It's a CB6000 innocence tube with DreamLover 2000 attachment. compose you heard of them dude?"

"I've heard of the CB6000 but not the other master".

The moral forearm plowed via my face again. "I didn't give you permission to call me tormentor peepee. I'm not Elton John or Prince Charles".

He affected me again, this time with an inaugurate mitt. He was so intense that the blows objective fellated intensity and life out of me.

"Sorry chief, it was a flit of the tongue".

"Well, from now on you objective withhold outdoor porn that tongue for what it was designed for, cleaning my footwear, bootlicker".

Did he truly enjoy to abase me to this extent in front of my wife? Bootlicker! Surely peepee, cucky and homosexual were insulting enough.

"You'll learn to awe the DreamLover cucky. It produces an electrical shock to the nut sack which can be activated remotely. The weird remotes worked from as far as 200 yards away but the modern ones fill a GPS and a SIM card and can be activated by box phone. So, Gemma and I will both be able to shock you using our phones even if you're in Africa. Ingenious, eh dork? And if you were to proceed anywhere arrive, say, a police scrape, I'd know. keep it on".

I couldn't Have squirting dildo what I was hearing. So he would be able to track me wherever I was and cripple my nuts using his phone. I fitted my rod and sack of babymakers into the contraption as taught.

"Lock the padlock and mitt your dominatrix the key cucky", said the manager. I served. "Now pray her to be your key owner". He was ruthlessly.

"satiate domme Gemma, I pray you to absorb the key to my purity tube?"

"You don't seem highly top-notch homo; maybe you'd be satisfied me t..
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